The Great Patriotic War Museum

  Situated in the picturesque part of the city, the museum occupies a territory of 11 ha and overlooks the Dnieper River. It was officially opened on 9 May 1981 and contains over 300 thousand exhibits of the World War II period. The first thing you are going to see in the museum is, without a doubt, an impressive monument of the Motherland, also known as Rodina Mat’. Being 62 meters tall itself and standing on a 40-meter pedestal, it is one of the tallest statues of the world. To compare, a famous Statue of Liberty in New York is 46 meters tall on a 47-meter plinth.

                                               Never Old And Always Ancient    

  According to legend, a man walked up the hill here, erected a cross and prophesied, 'A great city will stand on this spot.' That man was the Apostle Andrew, hence the name of Kyiv's quaintest thoroughfare, a steep cobbled street that winds its way up from Kontraktova pl to vul Volodymyrska, with a vaguely Montparnasse feel. Along the length of 'the uzviz' you'll find cafes, art galleries and vendors selling all manner of souvenirs and kitsch.

Back To Nature...Chernobyl Tour                                                

  The trip to Chernobyl -  is also  trip to the bosom of Nature. Despite the tons of radioactive waste buried in the «sarcophagus» and the infected area for many miles, nature here is booming. The Exclusion Zone is gradually turned into a nature reserve inhabited by foxes, wolves and wild boars. Here you can find lots of plants and animals, including very rare. The tour includes an introductory lecture on the accident: the general story of the disaster, recovery and life today Chernobyl.